Hedsor House wedding photographer

Hedsor House
Wedding Photographer

Hedsor is one of my favourite venues. It is absolutely gorgeous, has the most beautiful sunset coming over the fields in the evening and was a location for one of the Bond Films.  

It was a beautiful  venue in the country side of Beaconsfield. The weather was stunning. The bride, groom and the wedding guests had an amazing time at the manor house which had been the location of one of the bond films! Unfortunately we didn’t see any famous actors that day but we did see a lot of beautifully dressed happy people!

The groom had had a busy morning getting all the last bits ready and him and the groomsmen had a ball being photographed in their nice colourful socks. While the bride spent her time getting ready in a lovely big light room that was just the best place to take gorgeous photos. The ceremony was absolutely wonderful and you could feel the love and happiness in the air. There were some lovely moments at this weddings and one of my favourite moments was when the bride was coming down the stairs with the bridesmaids giggling of excitement behind her. The light was beautiful and it caught her dress and lid it up.

I loved photographing the couple, they were very much in love and hardly noticed the camera. It is just the best job  being a weeding photographer. I always I love having a short session with the couple after the ceremony. There is always this moments of realisation that their wedding is happening and they just got married! 

People just look fantastic when they are in love!

All the wedding guests were wearing their best outfits which match well to the venue at and I definitely got a glimpse of some great wedding hats!

I absolutely love being a Hedsor  House wedding photographer and I cant wait to got back there in the future.
Just a lovely day.