Wedding photographer in Iceland

Wedding photographer in Iceland –
when I fancy a flight to the icy island

I was lucky to photograph this couple in the freezing cold in Iceland over Christmas. People often assume that it is necessary to go further afield than Reykjavík for beautiful  landscape but actually there are many good locations just around Reykjavík itself.
We found this nice black beach in Gravarvogur that even had a miniature ice-lake 🙂
Even though it was about -13 degree this couple didn’t stop having fun the whole way through the shoot!

I am a big fan of engagement photoshoots that are just the best way of getting used to your wedding photographer. This lovely couple had just the best style and I was ever so envious of her amazing big jumper. I have to admit as well that I completely fell in love with their gorgeous dog!

We walked on the black beach with the sea in the back and the ice-cold wing on our faces. One of my favourite picture in this set is the one taken on the black beach where the bride and groom to be are sat on the sand with the most photogenic doggie. They are actually laughing because he just licked their faces! That is exactly what I need from a photographic assistant. Their lovely dog then ran around and was just as happy as the guys. We walked a bit more and found a couple of more beautiful location just in that small space. Really there is a reason why Iceland is popular with wedding photographers.

We found this lovely miniature ice-lake and decided to take a couple of shots, I obviously fell straight on my bum but the lovely dog came to my help!  Though I love photographing in England I do liking taking a quick flight to the icy island I come from.
This was a great day, have a look at my other blog from Iceland.