Wedding photographer for a destination wedding in Iceland

Wedding photographer in Iceland –
Wow what an incredible day in the country side

Wedding season full blown. Wow where to start! I have to say this was such a lovely week. The wedding of Björk and Bragi ( yes Björk as in the famous singer) it was just so much fun! They have both known each other for a while now and have created just the mist gorgeous family. Two little girls and one fur-baby – doesn’t get any better than that!
I traveled to Iceland for the weekend to photograph their wedding and have to say it was great being able to be there having all the lovely Icelandic homemade food. Björk og Bragi decided to get married on Bragi’s family farm. Of course they had completely redecorated a barn for their big day, nothing less – and it looked amazing.

The day was a little vet but oh boy did everyone have a big smile on their faces. Family and friends came together to help out, people were creating flower crowns, setting up the bar, decorating cars and handing out kleinur ( they look a bit like weird fried doughnuts) Everything was just so perfect and everyone had such a lovely time I don´t think I have laughed this much in a long time.
I have to say though that my favourite part was just before Björk and Bragi said “I do” we all stood in the drizzling rain, listening to a beautiful song being sang with the peace of the country side.

What a privilege being their wedding photographer.