Engagement Shoot in Iceland

Engagement Shoot in Iceland – In Rauðhólar

I spend a lovely time over Christmas photographing this beautiful couple in Heiðmörk, a national park in Iceland.
We could not have asked for a better day, the natural light outside was great and the skies kept clear. I love shooting in Iceland even though in the winter time it can get quite dark. The landscape is varied and who doesn’t love to go for a little ride on the ice!


Wedding photographer in Iceland

Wedding photographer in Iceland –
when I fancy a flight to the icy island

I was lucky to photograph this couple in the freezing cold in Iceland over Christmas. People often assume that it is necessary to go further afield than Reykjavík for beautiful  landscape but actually there are many good locations just around Reykjavík itself.
We found this nice black beach in Gravarvogur that even had a miniature ice-lake 🙂
Even though it was about -13 degree this couple didn’t stop having fun the whole way through the shoot!


Wedding photography at Sywell Grange

Wedding at Sywell Grange

The wedding was held at a wonderful rustic country side venue in Northampton.
It was a beautiful wedding to photograph, the weather was brilliant, bride and the bridesmaids had a lot of fun getting ready for the big moment and the groom and friends were amazing on the dance floor.


Wedding in Iceland

Wedding in Iceland, Reykjavik

The wedding was held at a music town hall in center of Reykjavík, Iceland with a separate intimate ceremony for family at Davíð’s family home. 


Hedsor House wedding photographer

Hedsor House
Wedding Photographer

Hedsor is one of my favourite venues. It is absolutely gorgeous, has the most beautiful sunset coming over the fields in the evening and was a location for one of the Bond Films.